Cosmic Ordering:Dreams Come True

I am delighted to announce our sister company Dreams Come True Manifestation services…here to help you manifest your dreams, improve your life and smash your goals. Below are some shots from this weeks altar including a candle to send love and light to a family member who is traveling to pray for their safe return home and a love drawing petition. Manifest your dream life with our prayer services on our dedicated altar whether its a prayer to bring a loved on home safe, to pass an exam or manifest new love we are here to bring your dreams to life. We pray on your petition asking the angels of light to bless and protect your dreams as come to life.

come home safe prayers and blessings candle

manifest love into your life with our rose quartz manifestation service.bringing the power of crystals and flowers to help draw love energy into your life. each candle is dressed specifically to your personal requirements. Place your cosmic order now…..

Cosmic ordering

7 days: £35
14 days £70
1 month : £120

Double candle

7 days £45
14 days £80
1 month £150

“For every angel fluttering through the skies, there is a divine counterpart here on Earth. Each of us has a golden celestial-self just waiting to be awakened.”

Sue K

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