Twin Flames Love Triangles: Who Is Really The Third Party?

It’s is with the greatest love I share this information with you Dear Souls.

I’m going to share my perspective about the third party karmic partner in the Twin Flame Journey. It’s the normal thing to see the Karmic partner as the third wheel to your beautiful Twin Flame love story coming true. A thorn in your side? A interfering busy body who just won’t move out of the way and let you lover come to you running. Right? 

Our souls speak a language that is beyond human understanding. A connection so rare the universe won’t let us part.”

Nikki Rowe

Step Out of the 3D Paradigm

Dear Souls now is the time where you will be tested as to how far have you actually moved out of the 3D and into 5D. Its very very easy to click on meditations and join Facebook groups about the Twin Flame Journey. To buy books and read blogs 😀 but those things can all be done while operating from the old 3d template.The Twin Flame Journey is a forceful push into operating from a more 5D template and applying those principles to this particular love story in your life. So what does the old 3D template look like in relation to romantic relationship I hear you saying? Lets take a look.

Romantic connections in the 3D:

  • Revolve around control – even possibly to the level of Narcissism
  • Thrive on Jealousy – this is on both sides
  • Lack Trust- life varies from slightly to extremely restrictive in order to appease the other.
  • Claim to own their partner- you cant do that your mine!
  • Fear – fear of being alone or losing the other person, feeling unworthy without them.
  • Scarcity -fear of being financially worse off without your partner so you stay
  • Lust- its a relationship where sex is easily accessible, comfortable and sex is the main focus.
  • Unhappiness- a majority of people are staying in connections where they are not happy at all.

Relationships that have evolved into the 5D will look more like this:

  • Knowing- that there are unseen forces that are accompanying and guiding you along a Divine path. Suddenly feeling a deep knowing in your deep soul that this is true and having no doubt.
  • Heart Centred- connections will originate from the soul and will build heart to heart connections rather than building from the ego which is a connection built on lust alone.
  • Trustworthy- trust is given in as doubts are something you have now transcended
  • Build to Last- the foundation is a secure foundation and allows a lifelong bond
  • Connection – is built on spiritual, emotional and physical making this bond much much deeper
  • Union- 5D relationships are designed to be forever they bypass the ego and the suffering of the 3D.
  • Equality- there are no power struggles, gender roles. competition etc,

Lets look at this comparison in much more details in another post.

Jealousy is a No No No

Jealous being a energy which is anchored in the 3D should not be rearing its ugly head anywhere near you if you have indeed started to align with 5D templates. If you have still feelings of jealous please address as a matter of urgency as this is going to be a major block to your Union. Jealous has actually no affect on your Twin or his/her current partner it will only hurt you and block your flow of love and blessings. First we have to understand that to release jealousy we must first experience jealousy, we must also acknowledge that feelings of jealousy are a trigger to let us know that there is healing work to be done. This pain is in fact your blessing and this will become a repeating theme but a necessary one for your growth. I do not mean to infer this is an easy task it is very difficult without doubt but it’s absolutely necessary that we drop jealousy from our energy field as it will only serve to keep our vibration from rising and delay our happiness. The solution can usually be found within. Ask yourself what is the trigger and what is the wound? You can track it back to insecurities, fear of abandonment, inner child wounding or lack of self love. It will be a different wound for all of us only you will know what exact wound starts to bleed again when you see or hear something that makes you experience jealousy. Follow your intuition to see what steps you could take to help you clear that energy, I recommend Youtube as your first port of call for the many beautiful souls that put videos out to help the collective at no charge.

There is No Loss Ever: You Can Not Lose Your Real Twin Flame

Many many people are afraid to move on and cower when healers or readers tell them to walk away. They fear that if they did not spend their whole time obsessing over their connection and the separation and what their flame is thinking, feeling or doing then the connection disappears. Nothing could be further from the truth. If this person that you have in mind is in fact your twin flame then you will never ever be parted from them. You are infinitely connected in the 5D on a soul level you are the same. Suffering and loss can only be experienced in this realm as we have duality. Clearing your thoughts and blocking obsessive thinking will in fact ease the way for your Union as your start to allow Union rather than perpetuating the vibration of lack, absence or separation.

Focus on You!

As everything that is happening with your Twin Flame is a mirror, a Divine Mirror. This means that if your Twin Flame is choosing someone else it does mirror back to you on some level that you need to look internally and see if there are any ways in which you are overlooking yourself or not choosing yourself. Is there any areas of your life where you are not choosing yourself possibly ignoring your own happiness or pushing your own needs aside. If so go ahead and start to put your wants and needs first as much as you can. If you are making life choices that please your mother but its not what you want so gently change that. If you do too much for others because you don’t have strong and defined boundaries so go ahead and start to draw some boundaries. This is something you need to do for you and this is what you deserve, the right to live your own life how you believe is best. Secondarily being in this place where you are not expressing desires and certainly not having them met will mean you are nowhere near a vibration high enough to be approaching Union with your Twin Flame. Nurturing and loving yourself will benefit you on so many levels

The whole Twin Flame experience is a trigger to force you to level up so to speak to drop old trauma old baggage so make it so obvious and so unbearably painful sometimes that you take charge and take control and work to change and release all that is weighing you down. Even if you decide at any point you are all “twinned out” please, if this section of the post applies to you go ahead and look at yourself and see if you actually have healthy boundaries or not. One fantastic way to find out what your boundaries are is to list them, sit and write down your boundaries and see if any are missing. You may just find that you can’t list any.

Don’t Play Gooseberry: You Are The Third Wheel

Please take a deep breath and remember that everything I say to you is from a place of love. If your Twin Flame is in a relationship or marriage with someone else whether they were in this relationship when you met them or its a person they chose after meeting you and even though they were aware of your feelings then YOU ARE THE THIRD PARTY! Yes a thousand apologies but you are the third party trying to insert yourself between two people who have chosen to be together. This makes you the troublesome third party. From your perspective its an injustice right? Your Twin Flame, your ultimate lover didn’t choose you and has chosen someone else. They must be mistaken they must not be aware of the divine connection you two have. THIS IS NOT SO! These two people have chosen from their own free will to be together. You are the one on who believes that you are a better partner for your love interest. You must surrender to Divine Timing and the Divine Plan and trust because the Universe doesn’t work to our timing. Now let’s look at why they may have walked away from you and why it shouldn’t bother you in the slightest.

  • Your Twin Flame has free will – they can choose whoever they want and and decide not to complete their Twin Flame mission, like ever.
  • Your Twin Flame may not be doing their spiritual work- they could be left behind spiritually and still have a lot of work to do before they are ready to realise this connection.
  • Your Twin Flame is not aware- not aware or not awakened enough to be listening to their intuition, learning from soul lessons and doing their shadow work.
  • Your Twin Flame has karma still needing to be worked out – Karmic contacts may still be in play and they have lessons they need to learn with this soul before they are able to move forward.

Why You Should Not Worry About This:

  • Its says to the universe that you don’t trust it!
  • It shows you still have soul lessons to complete
  • It is an indication that you are not fully healed
  • Its reeks of lack of self love and self worth
  • It tells the Universe that you do not believe in yourself
  • It says that you are still vibrating in 3D
  • Its shows that you doubt yourself and your mission
  • It places a blockage to your mission and union and you are the one who put it there!


Trust Everything Is Unfolding For Your Highest Good

Trusting the Universe and your Higher Self is essential here. You must know that everything is unfolding for your highest good and that you created these soul contracts before your incarnation in order to experience things your soul needed to grow. Everyone involved is a soul mate of yours who has agreed to show up in your experience to aid you in releasing heavy energies. Any low vibrational emotions are a sign that you don’t trust that you dont believe and you feel this connection only on a 3D level. Know that these events are a catalyst for your transformation and when you start to see events that way you don’t attach any negative emotions to them and from a neutral state you can flow and allow which is make this transition much much easier.

A fantastic way to think about your Divine Counterpart being with another without becoming jealous is to imagine them as a cake, this is a very special cake and when you receive it it will be the best cake of your life but, and here is the but. This cake needs to be prepared by a baker who has the skills and tools to make and shape this cake into something that will delight you this cake can not be rushed. If this cake is given to you before time it will be raw or it would be dry or collapse in the middle. This cake needs to be allowed to cook in its own (divine) timing, while you await for your life changing cake please move away from the oven and get on with your life.


Remember above all this whole Twin Flame process is ultimately not about a romantic relationship with your Twin Flame, please trust me when i say that you will eventually get to a state where you will start to feel this as deep knowing in your soul. Getting closer to the Divine will be what your heart desires above anything. The Process is designed to trigger you to drop your heavy burden and become closer to the light and then go out and shine your light to the world as a beacon to light the way for others with or without your Twin Flame ( and yes they can decide that they want to remain comfortable in their 3D and remain there) please don’t dim your light you must let it shine, You have trained to do this over many many incarnations to do this and your being called to act now.


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Use Reiki to Connect to your Twin Flame at the Heart Space!

Lets start by acknowledging that the Twin Flame Journey is without a doubt the most difficult soul journey you will ever ever experience.

It will bore down into your deepest darkest hiding places and force you to face what you have hidden so well that YOU even had forgotten it was there!

But I pray you do not despair, you were chosen for this journey because you were able to travel this path and undertake the very important and difficult task of anchoring divine love and light on Gaia at this critical time. 

The divine plan has been orchestrated  so that waves of divine counterparts incarnate on earth and come into harmonious union to shine as beacons of divine love and help transmute the dark energies.

What does Reiki have to do with it?

Reiki has many benefits to offer  you emotionally, spiritually and physically. Reiki works on all your subtle bodies not just the physical. Cleansing and purging any traumas from this life or past incarnations.

Healing and transmuting your trauma is a major part of your twin flame journey. Your twin flame is your divine mirror and whatever you are experiencing from your divine counterpart to reflecting back to you were you need healing. Shadow work will be a term you will become very familiar with as you walk this path and it will pull you from the depth of your soul to great heights and back again. Issues and feelings you thought you had successfully buried will suddenly resurface to bite you.

This is the signal from Spirit that this is where you should heal and work on releasing any trapped trauma, wounding and false beliefs that are not serving your highest good. some of these beliefs and traumas may stem from past lives with your twin or event you experienced in a life where you were not involve with your twin. Its so essential to clear these beliefs as the subconscious is what for the most part creates your reality and whatever your subconscious is broadcasting with play on repeat lifetime after lifetime and you will wonder why these things just keep happening to you .

This healing stage will last anywhere from a few months to a few years depending on how fast you can transmute and how much there is to clear. I have heard it said that the Divine Feminine needs to be 85% into her healing journey before the Divine Masculine will be spiritually awakened and start to realise that yes you are his life partner, his divine counterpart and that the connection between you is not lust based its a love he has never experienced before. If in fact you have not met your Twin Flame yet then having reiki can help you draw them towards you. Affirming that you are now ready to receive your Twin Flame into your life.

Reiki healing will be extremely effective in helping you uncover what needs to be healed within, including

  • past life and ancestral trauma
  • attachments to morphic fields
  • subconscious beliefs
  • sexual trauma
  • inner child trapped traumas and beliefs
  • oaths and vows made in past lives

the list is by no means exhaustive.

This same inner work is the what you need to clear away before you can start to think about twin flame reunion. the more healing you achieve the more you will be able to connect to your Twin from the heart space. Do not doubt that your Twin can feel that love your sending they certainly can and not only that they need your love they crave it. As you are the same soul split into two vessels, a masculine and feminine energy representing the polarity the duality of this 3 dimensional plane its logical that as you heal yourself you also aid the healing of your twin flame. As you are two individual people their path and soul contracts will differ from yours but even in separation you will be connected in the 5D and on a spiritual level you are always in perfect harmonious union. Dreaming of your Twin Flame and receiving message as well as being connected to each others emotions are common signs of this deep once in a lifetime spiritual connection.

Just as a last note I will mention that in this wave of Twin Flames unlike previous ones not all twins are destined to be in romantic union it may well be that your destined to run a spiritual business or another platonic union with your twin.

“Love one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy.” – Sai Baba