Release Twin Flame Attachment

Infinity Healing

This infinity healing session with work with God/source/creator to:

  • facilitate letting go of old beliefs
  • Shift paradigms
  • Identity and clear any core wounds that cause clinging
  • Remove beliefs that you are not completely whole as you are
  • Stop and heal any pain from any of the subtle bodies
  • clear childhood wounds that stop you releasing anything not for your highest good
  • Clear past lives cell or emotional memories that cause you to expect the worse
  • clear any soul contract that no longer serve your highest good
  • clear and renounce any vows from past lives that may be blocking you moving forward
  • releasing control issues
  • Trust fully the divine plane and divine timing
  • Shift to positive energy leaving behind disappointment and heartbreak

Why is it important to detach in the twin flame journey?

  • its a massive block to union
  • trying to control the outcome brings everything to standstill
  • lengthens the separation stage
  • delays healing for both you and your twin
  • returns focus to yourselves and your own healing and welfare
  • Shows you trust the process and divine plan
  • allows your higher self to take over
  • events will unfold for the highest good or all
  • aids you in healing and releasing any negative emotions

How Do I Receive My Healing Session?

This session with me conducted over zoom or Skype and we will explore and release issues around detaching and feelings of worthiness or anything else that arises to help you get the maximum out of the session as you possibly can. Unlike other healing modalities infinity healing only needs to one session as it is the most powerful healing modality to date.

With Infinity Healing we are working with Source/God/Universe to connect to our higher self to do Infinite things for us. Why Infinity Healing works so well is that we remove and release all blocks that are in the way of the Healing session.

How does it work? you choose one area to work on like twin flame detachment, we carry out the session on a face to face video call or voice call if you prefer. I will set the healing to autopilot asking god source creator to set that healing on auto pilot, meaning Source will keep working on it for as long as is needed until its completely done doing all that it knows to do. Healing all the way to the root cause.

This healing will clear all timelines past and present, in all dimensions of time and space. This healing will extend to your future generations and all your ancestors offering them the same healing.

With the Infinity Healing you open up to the Infinite possibilities of who you are! An Infinity Healing brings everything back into its Divine Blueprint when you give your sacred YES!

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