Unblock Your Twin Flame Journey. Transformational Information.

Dear Souls

Im back after a little break I have been dealing with massive downloads and had to anchor those in. Today I want to talk about the reality of who is your twin flame and the answer to the question is not as simple as you might first think. As most people believe that they only have one true twinflame and usually they have a specific person in mind. Otherwise there is a section of people who belive that there is no such thing as twinflames and that we just meet and choose people based on a completely random series of events and meetings. In fact both of these beliefs can be true and are not mutually exclusive. How? Read on I am about to break it down for you as best I can.


Althought we live within infinate possibilites we can narrow those down to a select few templates that we can commonly find amoung the collective consciousness today.

These Are:

  • There is Only One True Twin Flame and I Know Who it is!
  • No One is My Twinflame
  • My (Higher )Self is my Twin Flame
  • Everyone is my Twin Flame
  • Twin Flame is an Energy.

There Is Only One True Twin Flame and I Know Who They Are!

This idea is self explanatary and the most common, we meet someone and the connection is so amazing and the following seperation so devastating that it somehow takes you through a dark night of the soul and through this you stumble (not really more like Divinely Guided) upon Twin Flames. Yes you are not wrong you could well have met your Divine Partner but to focus adamently on the idea that only that specific person could be your partner despite the millions of humans on this 3D plane. As we are creators of our own reality then by holding this belief you only are in fact blocking any other potential partners who could be holding the twinflame energy. A very close vibrational match to the original twin flame who could well make you very happy but due to your beliefs the Universe in unable to match you up with this person as your beliefs in this case act as a barrier.

No one Is My Twin Flame

If you have come here to my blog or stumbled upon any other information regarding the Twinflame, Divine Union or Sacred Mission then its more likely than not you are meant to meet your Twin Flame this lifetime. The Universe can not give you experiences of which you hold beliefs to the contrary. Uttering such words as ” I dont believe in Twin Flames” Or there is ” No Twin Flame for me” then you are setting these beliefs into stone and this will be reflected in your everyday reality. So when looking you will see no evidence of a Divine Partner for you and will take this to mean you were right all along but the truth is you created the reality with your beliefs and speech which in turn of course reflected the same beliefs back to you.

My Higher Self ( Or Myself) Is My Twin Flame

Yes and yes you are in a way your own Twin Flame and as already established if you adamantly believe it to be so it will be what is reflected back to you in your reality. Effectively you are blocking out the possibility of experiencing anything else except the words which you have sent forth.

Everyone Is Potentially My Twin Flame

Yes everyone can also be your Twin Flame if you believe it to be so. As you speak your beliefs into the world the frequency that will be broadcast will be along the lines of ” I am on a Twin Flame Journey and its so exciting because anyone could be my Twin” or ” its possible that anyone of the billions of people on earth right now could be a pefect match for me”. An open belief like this leaves much room for the Universe to create syncronicities and therefore multiple partners could be sent your way who are a vibrational match.

Twin Flame Is An Energy

Ultimatley the Twin Flame template is an high vibration energy, and is not limited to one person. People can enter the vibaration of the Twin Flame and can also choose by free will to leave the journey at any time. Looking at the Twin Flame journey this way you can see that it is you putting this block in your own way by fixating on one person as your Flame. By slightly adjusting your beliefs you can shift your journey into a much more expansive space.


The point of this post is very clear whatever you hold as your belief will be what you experience and the good news is you can change what you are experiencing RIGHT NOW!
So now we have highlighted how you are blocking yourself with your beliefs. Lets outline how you can unblock yourself….

No matter which belief you hold you can unblock yourself with a simple sentence I would suggest as follows:

  • I believe there is a Twin Flame for me and I am open to the possiblity that it could be anyone.
  • I believe there is a Twin Flame for me and I am open to the possibility.

You can adjust to suit your individual situataion but the key phrase here is ” I am open to all possibilities” Say it believe it and watch how the universe will bend to your new belief. Let me know if this worked for you or what changes you have experienced.

As always I am here to help you as much as I can, wishing you LoveLight and LightLove.


I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow.

Leo Christopher

TwinFlame: I Cant Do This Anymore……I Surrender!

Blessed ones.

The recent energies have been preparing the ones that are ready to finally surrender. Allowing the journey to divinely unfold. Sounds so easy right?! Surely not when your ego is urging you to rush in at your twin and let them know how upset you are and how they are messing up this perfect union and you are just damn out of patience with them.

If you are still feeling like this take heart in my words this stage will pass and you will eventually reach the place where you will be able to fully surrender. Its a key word flung around in the Twin Flame world, surrender, surrender, but what does surrender mean and how do you know if you are doing it.

Lets look at what being in a place of surrender looks like and feels like:

  • You can hold space for your twin
  • You trust the process
  • You relax the reigns
  • You stop getting Tarot readings
  • You stop trying to heal your twin soul
  • You release expectations

You Can Geniunely Hold Space for Your Twin

It’s a tall order to genuinely hold space for anyone. It’s no easy task. Repeating that you are holding space for you ultimate lover just won’t cut it. It’s has to be a real and genuine energy emitted from your being like most things in life lip service just isn’t enough. So what does holding space look like if it’s so much more than an affirmation. You will need to be at ease with loving your twin unconditionally and for this to be without the expectation for anything in return. No contact no reconciliation no apology and sometimes no closure and no union, can you still emit from the depth of your soul love for your twin? When you can say with absolute conviction that if you were to never see your twin again or if you were to see them everyday with their karmic that you would still be in a peaceful place without judgement, resentment or jealousy and send them absolute unconditional love. That you will wish for them the best and that their happiness is your desire. Then you are sucessfully holding space for your twin. Holding space is the energy of the Divine Feminine the journey has been set up this way where part of the Feminines mission is to hold space for the Masculine

You Trust The Process

A state of surrender will mean allowing the Divine to work through you to orchastrate the situation to unfold naturally and in Divine timing. You know with every bone in your body that your Masculine needs you and loves you. Your telepathic link assures you that he is dealing with massive struggles of which his pride wont let him share. You can feel his pain and it likely arises in your dreams. In Trusting you allow things to unfold organically and hold the space of unconditional love for your Twin as a beacon of light in his darkness that he knows he can always find his way home by following.

You Accept Union May Never Happen

Finally you will reach a place of peace where you are OKAY with the fact that you are not in union and that there is a possiblily that you may never be in union in this lifetime. Dear Divine Feminine please dont hold on so tight….relax the reigns. In actuality you do not have any control over this process and each persons Twin Flame Journey is unique and it does not have the follow the same path as anyone elses. The seperation time is used to trigger your wounds and start the healing. Although you will never not be in Union you will always always be connected on a spiritual level, in the 5D. Work on your intuition if you are not experiencing the telepathic link right now, you should also know that you can ask for this link to be turned off as it can be quite intense especialy if you are still feeling heartbroken or experiencing other negative energies. It will have you feeling very emotionally unbalanced akin to being thrown out of planes repeatedly. To be precise the only way to possibly get physical union is to not really want the union, to be happy as you are in your mind, body and soul. to forgive and release and be almost blase about whole thing. Remain playfull about it ….why so sirius 😀

Tarot Detox

Just to clarify I do read tarot professionally and personally. I give all thanks to my angels and my Light Team for their input. I am in no way belittling the tarot but in this situation constantly or frequently taking readings is only aggravating the situation. Why? lets break it down, Consulting the tarot occasionally or watching tarot videos on YouTube to see if energies have moved after you have done shadow work is fine you are just taking stock every now and then, every few months. Constantly asking the tarot daily or weekly or after each time you feel sad or get triggered shows the Universe that you

  • Dont trust the process
  • Are not standing in your power
  • Still have not released your control issues
  • You have not fully understood the mission
  • You still have shadow work to do.
  • You have not surrendered

You are not your Twins Guru!

A common misconception about the Divine Masculine is that they are in a sorry state spiritually and they need our “help”. A masculine that is lacking in his spiritual oumph and we are here to propel them forward spiritually (into our arms :D). It really doesnt work like that Divine Feminines, no not at all. by keeping this mindset you are holding yourself back. First who are you to believe that you are the best spiritual teacher and source of guidance for your Twin Flame?! The best teacher and guider for your masculine is God Source/Prime Creator/Universe of whatever your preferred term is, closely followed by his own higher self and his light team of Angels. Your focus is supposed to be on yourself, your progress, your healing. your spiritual growth and calling. You will find that focusing on others is a block and you are only holding yourself back. Please release this idea with love and if you dont know how a simple declaration of intent will be a good start. It is recommended to send love to your Divine Masculine this is not an instruction to ignore him completely but sending love from a heartbroken place or with a need to claw them back into your life will only work against you unfortunately. Yes I know its so complicated and difficult but there are some universal laws we just cant bend and we have to work with them.

You Release Expectation!

So what does release expectation mean? It means you no longer wander what your Twin is doing, includingif he has started or ended a relationship. You dont wonder what he thinks of you or hope that he still is thinking of you. You release the expectation that union with happen at any certain time or way or at all. You stop waiting for your apology if one is indeed needed and no longer need their input for closure. You remember that your Twin has free will and can if indeed they choose to decide not to step up as your masculine in this lifetime. You no longer wait around for the text or call or the bumping in to them if you live in the same geographical area. If you practice the vibration of this and get into this energy you will start to know on a deep level you deserve someone who chooses you, who meets your needs on all levels. As you are putting that vibration out so you will atract it back to you. With the guidance of the Angels it might well be your Masculine that mirrors that back to you and does return back into your life but you have to release the expectation that it has to be them or it willl forever repell your Twin, Leaving the Angels no choice but to orchastrate a Tower moment, no one likes those!

What happens when you release expectations and you SURRENDER????

Then you allow things to flow to the Divines Plan and in Divine Timing.You will find that with little or no efforting things will have a way of working out for the best, The Divine knows the best way to manage all the pieces to achieve the best outcome that is for your highest good and for the highest good of your Twin. The plan is to make as many Twins as possible be in union but there are many factors both 3D and 5D that we can be unaware of when viewing a situation from our persecpective. Surrender and releease the worry of how things will work out and let yours angels take care of it. You will eventually stop thinking about your Twin all the time or even frequently throughout the day. You come to find that at some point all the day has passed and your twin didnt come to mind at all. You no longer feel sad, hurt or feel the need to cling or seek revenge. Then when you are finally happy to move forward with your life with no consideration for when you may or may not see your Twin again…thats when you have surrendered. Remember as you heal your Twin also heals so by focusing on your self individually you are both helping and healing each other.

All my Love and Blessings I am Praying for You, Pray for me too.