Twin Flame Reiki Activation

Twin Flame Journey is not an easy one. It sacred, it is Divine but it is also frustrating, exhausting and takes more strength then you knew you ever had. If you are looking for some Divine Guidance then you are in the right place

Whatever stage of the journey you are at this powerful reiki healing will soothe and help you and your twin to move forward in the way that is for your highest good. Be in no doubt dear ones your mission is very powerful and important to the whole of humanity. We need twins to be the ultimate example of unconditional love to raise the collective vibration of the whole world.

If you are weary with the connection, have lost your faith. Are you tired of feeling hurt, having difficulty with the telepathy, the signs and the dreams but the obviously lack of union. This activation will reinstall the divine love templates between you and your twin. The diving light of the reiki energy will help you ground and cope energetically with the intensity of the twin flame energy. Being a Twin Flame is metamorphosis, a life changing experience, Each session will help to:

  • Transmute and remove any blocks you and your twin are currently facing
  • Aid in breaking any karmic patterns you or your twin may be perpetuating
  • Work to cleanse your subtle bodies to release anything that maybe holding you back
  • Assist you and your twin in letting go and trusting the divine plan
  • Increase your connection to your intuition to receive clear divine guidance

This is not an exhaustive list as the healing you will receive is will be for your highest good and will work to manifest in a way that is most beneficial to you and your twin. Many issues can be deep rooted and similar to an onion can contain many layers. Due to this more than one session may be needed to fully clean and clear.

Special Bonus Feature:

All Healing sessions will receive free twin flame worksheets that you can do at home to keep your energy in a high vibration and keep you on track towards union.

Now more then ever we need twin flames and unions to happen please step in to your power now dear souls. Reiki will help you heal yourself on every level and as you heal so also does it affect your twin, the more you love, improve and cherish yourself it does assist in bring your hearts closer together. Do not delay decide now to receive what is yours by divine right.

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